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Now, here's the scoop: I'm on a mission to help you find that perfect work-life balance. How? By giving you a front-row seat to my own journey and how I ended up here. But that's not all! I've got a treasure trove of resources to help you dive into the world of remote work careers and get a sneak peek into my everyday life.

Oh, did I mention that we're living life to the fullest by traveling around in an RV? And guess what? You can totally join in on the fun if you're up for it! Working from home gives you the incredible freedom to live life on your own terms. Exciting, right?

Now, hold your horses! I'm not here to push you into freelancing or starting a business (although, hey, I can totally lend a hand with that too). My main focus is on remote careers with awesome companies that offer full benefits. So, you can have all the perks of a traditional job while enjoying the flexibility of working from anywhere all by utilizing my work from home Coaching Program & Virtual Career Development

So buckle up and get ready for an adventure-filled ride. We're here to help you navigate the exciting world of remote work and discover a career that brings you joy, freedom, and a whole lot of fun!

Resume Creating

Click to take my course on resumes with amazing templates to chose from. Making your resume perfect for remote work OR

I can build it for you. See more info for details

Preparing for your Interviews!

Click to learn more on how to interview for your remote position. I created an amazing resource with templates on what to expect, what to ask, and get the confidence you need to get hired!

Job Searching

I have a whole segment based on how to FIND the job! Because let's face it... remote jobs are so hard to find and let alone even get the interview! I am here to help see my resources for more information.

Macee H.

"First of all we just clicked! I purchased my first resource on the interview process and I stood out in my first interview using it! Amazing blog - Love your life, Megan!!! Thank you!"

Jessica A.

"100% Worth It. I got hired after my second interview. I never knew how to properly search for WFM opportunities before I read your blog"

Melanie M.

"I have researched and applied to so many jobs in the last year I cannot believe I landed it ALL thanks to you Megan"
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