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Getting your foot in the door - Remote Work!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Helllloooo, Happy Hump Day! This week has been crazy for me, personally and business related. Not only have I been so involved in my business with helping you guys, but I have also switched positions in my company that I personally work for full-time, yes remotely. On top of all of that, we are currently "parked" in Central Florida and the weather has been nuts. Living in an RV full-time this is to be expected as we have been Floridians the entire time. I'm not sure about you guys but the animals I have hate the rain storms and boy oh boy do you hear it in the RV.

Basically what this blog has prompted me to discuss is that getting your feet in the door at a COMPANY of your choice, really does opt you for more opportunities. I have been remote for a while now, and my main course of action of getting remote work has been "getting my feet in the door attitude". What does that mean? Well it means that I knew the company that I wanted to be apart of. I knew the company directly because of my previous workplace allowed for shared communication and they were amazing to work with. The benefits I read which researching and being available almost immediately after hire was huge.

What I am saying is that you need to really do your research in finding remote work by searching businesses directly because it fits what you are longing for. If you have worked with a company, utilized a company or had a personal attachment to that company, go take a peek. Not using indeed or those "freelance" finders. I am telling you - this is what works.

When you take the time and research and not job search the options will come to you.

So a little intel on what I did my first job and now this remote job as well. I started out as an adjuster for a claims center. That led me into the company. I did this for over 1 year. I took the time learned the job and from there was able to push my abilities into the job board and found internal positions that were hiring. They were not hiring anyone that was not already in the business. When this position came up, it prompted me to apply. Quality Assurance is a great section of a company to look into. Every call center has one! So start your job on the bottom of the ladder and expand to the top. I will be here for any further questions or concerns about doing this and I am sure I will touch base on this more thoroughly.





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