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Our RV Life!

Hey there, fellow adventurers! I'm Megan, and I'm excited to share our story of embracing the RV life with my partner, Jacob, and our beloved furry companions, a dog and a cat. We took a leap of faith, packed up our traditional home, and embarked on an extraordinary journey by purchasing a 2023 Grand Design Momentum Fifth Wheel. In this blog post, I'll dive into the challenges we faced along the way and the incredible benefits we discovered while living in our cozy rolling home.

Transitioning from a conventional home to an RV lifestyle presented its fair share of challenges. One of the first hurdles we encountered was downsizing our belongings. Letting go of sentimental items and adjusting to a smaller living space required careful consideration and a shift in mindset. However, the freedom we gained from shedding excess possessions was truly liberating.

Another obstacle we faced was adapting to a nomadic lifestyle. Initially, it took some time to get used to constantly changing surroundings and finding new campsites. Planning routes, managing fuel consumption, and navigating unknown areas came with a learning curve. However, each challenge we overcame added to our resilience and strengthened our bond as a couple.

Despite the challenges, the benefits of living in an RV have far outweighed any initial difficulties. First and foremost, the sense of freedom and adventure is unparalleled. We wake up every day with the opportunity to explore new places, soak in breathtaking landscapes, and create cherished memories together.

Living in an RV has also allowed us to connect with nature on a deeper level. The RV lifestyle has rekindled our love for the outdoors and given us a profound appreciation for the beauty of our world.

Additionally, RV living has brought us closer as a family. In a traditional home, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but in our compact space, we've discovered the joy of intentional togetherness. Whether it's cozy movie nights, shared meals, or outdoor adventures, we've created a stronger bond and deeper connection with our fur babies.

Our decision to embrace the RV life has been a transformative journey filled with challenges, growth, and immeasurable rewards. Through downsizing and adapting to a nomadic lifestyle, we've gained freedom, reconnected with nature, and fostered a stronger sense of family. Living in an RV has allowed us to break free from the constraints of conventional living, opening up a world of exploration and endless possibilities.

If you've ever considered embarking on an RV adventure, I encourage you to take that leap of faith. Embrace the challenges, relish the freedom, and discover the joys of a simpler, more connected life on the road. Our journey has just begun, and we can't wait to see what lies ahead. Stay tuned for more stories from our RV escapades, and remember, life is meant to be lived, explored, and savored.

Happy trails!




Hi, I'm Megan Berry

I am an entrepreneur and an independent creative. I work alone, but I am my own team and I thrive on helping people pursue their dreams and ambitions. I previously worked from home in businesses that provided excellent opportunities and now I'm working for myself. I'm lucky enough to have the perfect partner in my life, along with a dog and a cat. We live full-time in an RV and I created my platform to help others on their journey.

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Home Life. Work Life. Dreamer.

Megan is a passionate blog writer with a mission to help you create a meaningful and fulfilling work life. As part of her mission, Megan has developed a project to help people create their own work life plan and land the job of their dreams. Her unconventional coaching method has proved to be successful for many. Come and read more about Megan's projects and see how you can benefit from her unique approach.


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