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Weekly RV Product Round Up

Hey guys !!

As you know, or may not know - we live full-time in an RV. I work remote and Jacob currently still works at the dealership (diesel technician for Chevy). We have been always interested in finding the best deals, and boy are they out there! Just when you think that Amazon has the best deals, you find better options when you hit the sales. Us, RVer's are always looking to save money on products that serve a purpose and will make our lives more incredible during the journey of life.

So I started doing the research for you and creating a weekly round up of deals I have found for products we have or are purchasing. I will do the reviews on our tik tok coming up soon. We are still navigating our life on the "road" and by "road" I mean in our 2023 Grand Design Momentum. I am so excited to share my finds with you, links are posted with each product.

First up, we have a great children's book geared to RVer's. And the best part it's on sale!! Not only is it such a cute book but it really fits with our lifestyle. For a normal MSRP price of $13.99 now selling for $10.99. It's such a cute story and I think well worth the $11.00 click here for the book .

RV Lock™ Keyless Entry Handle with Keypad - White - MSRP $484.95 Sale Price $149.95

So we all know that you can get locked out of the camper, we have seen the posts... better yet go to the pool or beach without your "house key". Now, this only comes in WHITE its an amazing savings on this product, with added protection to your camper - This product comes with a 12 month warranty! Click here for the link

We have all seen this at the campground, someone has this setup and keeping away all the buggies. Amazing. Now, this is on our wish list. Although its not on sale it costs $299.99 but comes with that 12 month warranty by Lippert. Comfortably accommodates four to six people in 107 sq. ft. of space it's just what we need in this Florida weather. I cannot wait to purchase this beauty. Link Here

Cant wait for the next round up!




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