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Working-From-Home: Remote Benefits

5 reasons why working remote, flexibility and with no more daily commute, is for the 9-5 career driven person.

Working from home has become increasingly popular and beneficial for the everyday person. This modern work arrangement offers numerous advantages that enhance productivity, well-being, and overall quality of life.

#1: Flexibility

The flexibility of working from home allows individuals to design their own schedules and tailor their work hours to their needs. Whether it's avoiding rush hour traffic, being present for family commitments, or pursuing personal interests, remote work provides the freedom to balance work and life obligations effectively

Now, don't go into this blindly, a lot of remote work is based on a schedule, example 8-4:45 or 10-7; This is something that is important to discuss when getting hired. Right now, I do currently work from home at an amazing fortune 500 company. I do have a FLEXIBLE schedule now that I have "moved up" in the company and landed a new job within the company.

The start out will be a little challenging but when I tell you remote careers tend to better offers because 1. you have experience working from home. 2. the company wants to hire within a lot of times 3. you have made connections and your benefits will remain.

#2 - No more daily commute

Additionally, the elimination of a daily commute not only saves valuable time but also reduces stress and expenses associated with transportation. Without the need to travel to a physical office, individuals can invest more time in their work, personal development, or relaxation, leading to increased productivity and a healthier work-life balance.

I know a lot of people that actually sold their second vehicle, this removed insurance, car payment and additional registration/inspection costs. Remember if you are making this change to save more money, this might be beneficial for you. If you vehicle is paid off, reduce the insurance until you are ready to start using your vehicle a little more.

"The elimination of a daily commute not only saves valuable time but also reduces stress and expenses associated with transportation" – Meganberryco

#3 - Comfort

Working from the comfort of home provides a customizable environment conducive to focus and creativity. With the ability to personalize their workspace, individuals can create an atmosphere that suits their preferences, leading to heightened motivation and improved job satisfaction. Moreover, the absence of office distractions allows for uninterrupted periods of deep work, enabling individuals to accomplish tasks efficiently and deliver high-quality results.

One of my favorite things to do working remote is wearing my pajamas until lunch. It may sound less motivating but for me a nice soothing playlist playing in the background, PJ's and a homemade cup of coffee really makes me sit back and embrace this lifestyle.

#4 - Cost Savings

Remote work also opens up opportunities for individuals to save money on various fronts. With no commuting costs, expenses related to professional attire, and reduced spending on meals or snacks, individuals can experience significant financial savings. These savings can be allocated towards personal goals, investments, or creating a safety net for the future.

I did briefly discuss insurance, car payments, etc. but this list can go on and on. We all know in our morning commutes a stop to pick up just a coffee is $5.00 approximately, add that up my dears... that is a total $25 a week if you stop everyday. Do the math $1200 a year approximately a year in coffee!! Yikes, put that in your Roth IRA and you'll have a higher investment in no time.

Food costs, gas costs, mid-way home stops at the mall... You really learn spending discipline during your time working from home. I make my breakfast, lunch and dinner nightly. I tend to be more of a homebody now. It's honestly taking away from what everybody does and allows you to set your own lifestyle up. I love it and will never go back.

#5 - Work-Life Integration

For many, remote work offers a better work-life integration. It enables individuals to be physically present for their families, attend to personal errands or appointments without compromising work responsibilities. This increased flexibility contributes to improved work satisfaction, reduced stress levels, and enhanced overall well-being.

It was very crazy the first time I needed to take a Paid Day Off at work and no one even asked me twice. No, who is going to be covering your shift, as if that's my responsibility. Not anything. Take your day, enjoy it. Surprisingly to me, the management in WFH jobs, are usually really nice, understanding and will be there to support you through your process.


In summary, working from home offers a multitude of benefits to the everyday person. It provides flexibility, saves time and money, promotes a personalized and focused work environment, facilitates work-life balance, and opens up new career opportunities. As technology continues to evolve, remote work is expected to play an increasingly significant role in empowering individuals to achieve their professional and personal goals while enjoying a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.



Hi, I'm Megan Berry

I am an entrepreneur and an independent creative. I work alone, but I am my own team and I thrive on helping people pursue their dreams and ambitions. I previously worked from home in businesses that provided excellent opportunities and now I'm working for myself. I'm lucky enough to have the perfect partner in my life, along with a dog and a cat. We live full-time in an RV and I created my platform to help others on their journey.

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